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The town is known for its opal mining and numerous opal fields that lie around the town as well as the "Yowah Nut" a local type of opal distinctive to the region. 

Have a go at finding your own opal at the fossicking grounds.

The town's water supply is from the great Artesian Basin the water comes out of the ground at around around 50 degrees Celsius. Have a soak in the artesian baths, enjoy fresh, hot mineral water. The bath water is amazing for your skin and health.

We have a small store at the caravan park that supplies all necessities including fuel. We also have a café to supply takeaway food and the Yowah Community Hall (Yomcsi) which supplies dinner & drinks on a Wednesday & Saturday evening (during the season - May to Oct).

There are also many little shops to visit as you walk around the town of Yowah, the more you explore, the more you will find. You can purchase opal, jewellery, crafts, souvenirs and much much more. 

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